CMPLT UNKNWN’s “Animal Kingdom” Collection

Blending luxury with sustainability, this range is inspired by the world's vanishing creatures

NYC-based accessories brand CMPLT UNKNWN has always been at the crossroad of luxury and sustainability. Their new collection, which premieres on the brand’s new site and its focus on direct-to-consumer sales, is inspired by the world’s vanishing and in-danger creatures. The range, called “Animal Kingdom” is made up of cross-body bags and clutches crafted from vegan leather and velvet, made ethically. Not only do they attempt to have zero environmental impact, the company uses non-animal, cruelty-free materials, as well as water-based glues on all their products. This, of course, doesn’t mean sacrificing style or decadence—rather, these pieces are impeccably made and eye-catching.

Employing highly skilled artisans in Lucknow and Calcutta, India who hand make each piece, the bags’ incredible details are the focal point. More importantly, this work means that the ancient art of hand-embroidery is kept alive in a world that values fast fashion. The new collection has a distinct rock’n’roll vibe—with plenty of leopards,

wolves and scorpions intricately embroidered on the bags. Spikes balance out soft velvet, and the fierce faces add to the drama.

Take a look at the new site and new collection online now, where prices start at $295.

Images courtesy of CMPLT UNKNWN