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Tangram Factory

SmartRope Chrome


Featuring durable alloy ball bearings for reduced friction and decreased wrist strain, the SmartRope Chrome is a tech-forward jump rope that displays fitness data mid-air using LEDs. Built with accurate workout tracking …




A simple, patented arm-strengthening system from p.volve, the P.Band utilizes two linked “gloves” for resistance training. This easy-to-use and effective upper body workout aims to sculpt through repetitions. P.Band, composed of latex …

Work in Use

Lachi Pull Up Bar


Crafting stunning, sophisticated takes on traditional workout equipment, Rhode Island studio Work in Use was born from a desire to combine high design and movement training. With all kinds of products available, …


Hypervolt GO


Hyperice’s sized-down version of their popular Hypervolt percussion therapy tool, the Hypervolt GO, proves helpful for pre-workout use as well as recovery. It seeks to improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce …

DB Method Machine

The DreamDiscs


Once an exclusive accessory for DB Method Machine users, the brand’s DB Method DreamDiscs are now available for at-home use. While these are intended to act as a warm-up to a more …

The Brrrn

Brrrn Board


NYC-based fitness studio The Brrrn focuses on slide board workouts in colder settings. Their in-person slide classes, for example, happen in 50-degree gym spaces. For those who want to do the same …