Isamaya Ffrench and Sam Thomas: Mantle

Atmospheric and haunting, “Mantle” by Isamaya Ffrench and Sam Thomas is an unsettling, breathtaking work. Written by London-based Ffrench (who is also a respected makeup artist and creator of wearable art) and composer, producer and session player, Thomas, it’s minimal, but expansive—with jittery percussion that adds to the mood. The song comes accompanied by an equally disquieting video.

black midi: Sugar/Tzu (Live Fire)

Today black midi—the English band composed of Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton, Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin and Morgan Simpson—release Live Fire, a live version of their latest album Hellfire available exclusively as a limited vinyl at Rough Trade. Within lies “Sugar/Tzu,” a gorgeously chaotic collision of jazz and rock. It opens (in place of the studio version’s spoken intro) with snarling guitar before giving way to soothing keys, only …

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mui zyu: Ghost With a Peach Skin London-based Hong Kong British artist mui zyu (aka Eva Liu) released the delightful “Ghost With a Peach Skin” from her upcoming debut album, Rotten Bun For An Eggless Century. The dream-pop-leaning track, led by a blown-out drum machine and gloopy synths, is at once laidback and danceable. Explaining the track, which is about shedding an old life in …