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Exuberant indie-pop, '80s influences, bright melodies and more music from the week

Kat Cunning: BOYS Every individual in the cast and crew of the music video for recording artist Kat Cunning’s exuberant single “BOYS” identifies as either transgender or non-binary. This purposeful act underscores the ebullient visuals and lends deeper meaning to the anthem. “I wanted to do my part to help represent the diversity and beauty of the transmasculine community that is so often erased, exploited …

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Rattlesnake sound effects, intergalactic blips, '90s piano house and much more in music this week

Tirzah: Sink In South London-based artist Tirzah (who released her debut LP Devotion in 2018) returns with “Sink In,” a song she wrote with Mica Levi and Coby Sey. The song (her second release of the year) incorporates minimal percussion and synths, yet feels rich and dramatic. The singer-songwriter’s delicate, evocative vocals also leave just enough space for the song to be quite meditative. The …

Oneohtrix Point Never + Rosalía: Nothing’s Special

Two and a half years after Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía and producer, composer and singer-songwriter Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) were in the studio together, a song has emerged. The haunting “Nothing’s Special” originally appeared as the closing track on Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, and this collaborative version replaces computerized vocals with Rosalía’s breathy, dramatic voice.