Lana Crooks’ Sculptural Specimens at “All That Remains”

Silk and wool turned into preserved skeletal remains at a macabre exhibition

We are in the midst of a season for bewilderment and succumbing to the bizarre (meaning Halloween, though, we suppose the election qualifies, as well). With that in mind, it’s quite easy to be taken by the sculptural treasures of artist Lana Crooks. At Albuquerque’s Stranger Factory, Crooks has curated an exhibition featuring some of her own work and the macabre manifestations of many others. …

The Fabric of India

A slideshow of images from the book accompanying the V&A exhibition

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (aka V&A) boasts an incredible collection of handmade Indian fabrics and textiles—a collection they say is the greatest in the world. Though their exhibition “The Fabric of India” is coming to a close this weekend, the accompanying hardcover book is surprisingly comprehensive—offering extensive research and accessible knowledge, as much as it inspires through vivid imagery. Featuring historic pieces (some dating …

Cool Hunting Video: Knoll Remix Line

A new line of office chairs built to follow the organic movements of its user

The Knoll team recently showed us a preview of their latest beautifully designed furniture line: the Remix family of chairs. Teaming up with Formway Design, Knoll produced this line of high-performance office chairs with a focus on conforming to the natural, active postures of its user, while providing optimum comfort in its form.

Cool Hunting Video: Sri Threads

A hidden collection of rare and beautiful Japanese textiles in Brooklyn, NY

NYC’s five boroughs are full of hidden treasures. From bars concealed by phone booths to unbelievable dim sum, it is nearly impossible to chart all the magic the city creates. We recently spent some time with Stephen Szczepanek, owner of Sri Threads, a boutique collection of rare Japanese textiles hidden inside an apartment building in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Szczepanek has been collecting these …

Ruby Ruth Dolls

Curious creatures made from second-hand clothing in Cornwall, England

It’s not out of the question that you’d find something familiar about Ruby Ruth Dolls; the reality is you might have already owned one (or part of one) and not even known it. Created in Cornwall, England by Jenny Mustill—a former Damian Hirst studio assistant—using recycled luxury fabrics, the handmade dolls seem part Dr Parnassus’ Imaginarium and part Tim Burton dream character, with an additional …