Outlier Minimal Backpack

A packable bag that's stronger than steel and as light as a feather

Outlier-minimal-backpack-2.jpg outlier-minimal-backpack-1.jpg

Over the years many have come to expect material innovation alongside considered design from Outlier. And for their latest bag, the brand has delivered just that. The incredibly lightweight and aptly named Minimal Backpack weighs next to nothing and packs up flat, making it a perfect day-to-day runner or travel backup.

Similar in design and construction to the Chrome ORP, the single compartment bag closes with a simple roll, sealing its contents from the elements in seconds. For this project, Outlier enlisted the help of Hyperlite Mountain Gear, who makes each bag in Biddeford, Maine of non-woven Dyneema—a fabric reportedly 10 times stronger than steel, light enough to float on water and packable down to the size of a soda can. The Minimal Backpack is on sale for $168 from Outlier online.

Images courtesy of Outlier