Lana Crooks’ Sculptural Specimens at “All That Remains”

Silk and wool turned into preserved skeletal remains at a macabre exhibition

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We are in the midst of a season for bewilderment and succumbing to the bizarre (meaning Halloween, though, we suppose the election qualifies, as well). With that in mind, it’s quite easy to be taken by the sculptural treasures of artist Lana Crooks. At Albuquerque’s Stranger Factory, Crooks has curated an exhibition featuring some of her own work and the macabre manifestations of many others. 21 different artist delivered work around the theme of fantastical, anatomical “remains.” With their art, they were tasked to answer the question “What remains when all is said and done?” All works intrigue and many broach the surreal, but it’s Crooks material choice that encourages deeper consideration.

Crooks uses hand-dyed wool and silk snippets to piece together animal skeletons, both real and imagined—including stunning, glass covered ouroboros. The Chicago-based artist draws inspiration from real specimens at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History and also through book-driven research. She also sometimes incorporates found objects into her sculptures. The meticulous work really does lend the illusion of preserved bone but with the delicacy of fabric at play. Altogether, it’s mesmerizing.

“All That Remains” runs now through 31 October at Stranger Factory, 3411 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM. Crooks’ other work—some of which we showcase in the slideshow—can be viewed on her website.

via This is Colossal