Factory Tour: McIntosh Labs, Binghamton, New York

Ahead of Woodstock's 52nd anniversary, a visit to the audio brand that made the massive sound possible

This 15–18 August marks the 52nd anniversary of legendary music festival Woodstock. Though many stories from the weekend focus on the clichés, the 1969 event was iconic for another reason that many—even those who attended—may be unaware of. The massive, live, outdoor concert was so well rigged with McIntosh amplifiers that all the details of the music could be heard. Up until that iconic Hudson Valley …

Inside the Red Wing Shoes Repair Shop

The heritage brand's Minnesota factory gives footwear further life

It is exceedingly rare in American manufacturing to find a domestic, vertically-integrated facility, especially in the world of footwear. So maybe it’s the novelty and singularity, or maybe it’s the tanning chemicals, but stepping into the Red Wing Shoes factory in Red Wing, Minnesota is a head-spinning experience akin to simultaneously stepping back in time, and also getting a glimpse at the future of American …

Factory Visit: Italy’s Beloved Flexform Furniture

A glimpse at how the multi-generational, family-owned brand makes their sophisticated, strong yet supple pieces

Presented in partnership with Flexform

Flexform‘s furniture is angled but flexile, strong but supple, robust but comfortable, tenacious but delicate. These seemingly opposing traits work in perfect harmony through the Italian brand’s many creations. In fact, their philosophy—to combine comfort with sophisticated aesthetics—is within the name Flexform itself: a portmanteau of “flexible” and “form.” Founded in 1959 by brothers Romeo, Pietro and Agostino Galimberti, Flexform is still owned and run …