Stack Candle

Designed to be combined in endless formations with other candles or simply to delight on its own, Yod and Co’s Stack Candles are colorful and structurally playful. Each is hand-poured by skilled Fair Trade artisans in Indonesia and features eco-friendly dye, which gives the candles a subtle multi-colored effect and uniqueness. Price is in Pounds.

Dark Chocolate Pretzel + Toffee Bar

Launched in 2005, Tony’s Chocolonely was founded when Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken was investigating the cocoa industry and found most grocery store chocolate was made from ingredients harvested by enslaved people. Working directly with farmers at seven cocoa cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast, Tony’s Chocolonely makes fair trade treats that taste extra delicious. Our pick is the Dark Chocolate Pretzel and Toffee …

Wild-Grown, Sustainable and Fair Trade Products by African Botanics

Powerful plant-based ingredients in each of these potions act as a little love letter to South Africa

Born from ongoing homesickness and a desire to use powerful, wild-grown and sustainable ingredients from South Africa, African Botanics was founded in 2012 by LA-based South African couple Julia and Craig Noik. The lush products (from rich Marula oils to scrubs and seaweed-infused serums) are each a little love letter to their country, its people and connection to nature. Right now, the brand is donating 20% of …