Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

Each pound of beans sold gives one pooch a second chance


One morning in Santa Monica, CA coffee-lover Jordan Karcher happened upon a dog adoption event. With no initial preparation or planning, he walked home that same day with a malnourished dalmatian Molly. Inspired by the positive impact Molly has had on his life since their fortuitous meeting, Karcher set out to help other pooches in need through his love for coffee with Grounds & Hounds. The company donates a sizeable 20% of proceeds to no-kill rescue organizations and estimates one dog is saved per pound of coffee sold. “We are a coffee company that doesn’t necessarily view itself as a coffee company,” says Karcher. “We believe that great coffee is our medium for solving a problem.” Still Karcher pays serious attention to the quality of his beans. While it won’t compete with the Parlor Coffees of the world, Grounds & Hounds is a welcome addition to our coffee rotation.

Pick up a three-bag sampler of Grounds & Hounds’ latest offerings starting at $25.

Images by Cool Hunting