Houdini Sportswear’s Open-Source Textile Innovation Initiative, Project Mono Air

Replicable ways to improve sustainability and a high-performance fleece born from these principles

Stockholm-based sportswear company Houdini has long offered products that emphasize a more sustainable approach. In fact, all the fabrics used this season have been biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, renewable or Bluesign-certified and, in 2018, CEO Eva Karlsson received The Award for Sustainable Leadership, which is presented annually by NMC Nätverket för Hållbart Näringsliv. The brand has been lobbying for accountability since 2001, when Karlsson joined. Under …

Topo Designs’ First-Ever Women’s Collection

The rugged outfitter offers its classic flannel and fleece pieces in more sizes

by Adrienne So After many, many requests, Topo Designs—the Colorado-based outfitter that has garnered acclaim for its rugged, yet stylish outdoor apparel and equipment—has finally released a new line for women. The initial offerings include women’s versions of the popular mountain pants, camp shorts, fleece and shirt, as well as previous collaborations like the exclusive

Aztech Mountain’s Team Reversible Fleece

Transition from a waterproof outer to fleece quickly to adapt to the madness of March weather

The changing of seasons means recalibrating daily wardrobe essentials. While those akin to flexing their fashion muscles welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, spring is often another story. Here in NYC, spring is the time when temperatures rise and fall unpredictably along with varying mixtures of precipitation that’s usually an unholy mix of snow and rain. After profiling some our favorite heritage-inspired jackets for spring, …