Houdini Sportswear’s Open-Source Textile Innovation Initiative, Project Mono Air

Replicable ways to improve sustainability and a high-performance fleece born from these principles

Stockholm-based sportswear company Houdini has long offered products that emphasize a more sustainable approach. In fact, all the fabrics used this season have been biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, renewable or Bluesign-certified and, in 2018, CEO Eva Karlsson received The Award for Sustainable Leadership, which is presented annually by NMC Nätverket för Hållbart Näringsliv. The brand has been lobbying for accountability since 2001, when Karlsson joined. Under …

Recycled Polartec Fleece

Crafted by mysterious independent Italian brand GR10K, this fleece jacket, in “Dolphin Grey,” references military styles—a point emphasized by the fact that they source recycled Polartec from that sector. With streetwear nods and an eco-friendly conscience, it distances itself from the style popularized by outdoor industry veterans like The North Face.

Puffy Sherpa Blanket

A collaboration between Vanish and Rumpl, this blanket is composed of soft Sherpa fleece on one side and the outdoor brand’s 30D ripstop fabric on the other. Adorned with an arctic camo print by artist Ben Hucke, this blanket measures out to 50 by 70 inches and weights two pounds when rolled up. The puffy fleece material is ultra-soft, and unlike most of Rumpl’s products, it’s …