Interview: Digital Artist FVCKRENDER and D.S. & Durga’s David Moltz

The digital artist and fragrance maker on their new NFT perfume and bridging scents and the Metaverse

Internationally renowned digital artist FVCKRENDER (aka Frederic Duquette) partnered with New York-based immersive fragrance brand D.S. & Durga to create a non-fungible perfume called Manticore Musk—which launches today at 3:33PM ET. Merging scent (both real and digital) with the Metaverse, the new fragrance recreates the mythical aroma that is believed to have been found in a clay jug discovered in 1924 in the ruined temple …

A Weed is a Flower Candle

Herbaceous and tinged with smoke, this limited edition candle from Bohemian Rêves aromatically attests to the expansive beauty of florals, as depicted in the accompanying book A Weed is a Flower: Artful Cannabis Photography. Made with soy wax and beeswax in collaboration with Portland, Oregon’s Maak Lab, this candle intoxicates with notes of jasmine, vetiver and terpenes.

Butterfly Candle

Osaka, Japan-based candlemaker Olga Goose balances the cute with the off-kilter in a kind of Art Brut manner. This butterfly candle is no exception, with its cheerful face and bright colors. Entirely handmade, it promises a subtle fragrance and a vibrant look.