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Kagerou Aromatique Incense


One of three recent aromatic incense releases from Aesop, the earthly Kagerou scent pairs vetiver with herbaceous igusa and sweet notes of sandalwood. It’s a lush, meditative fragrance that softly unspools from …

Maison d'Etto

Karat EG Candle


Imagined by perfumer Carlos Benaïm for the boutique luxury fragrance brand Maison d’Etto, the scent of the Karat EG candle shifts from nostalgic notes of fresh earth to a luscious Turkish rose heart …

Bohemian Rêves

A Weed is a Flower Candle


Herbaceous and tinged with smoke, this limited edition candle from Bohemian Rêves aromatically attests to the expansive beauty of florals, as depicted in the accompanying book A Weed is a Flower: Artful Cannabis Photography. …

Olga Goose

Butterfly Candle


Osaka, Japan-based candlemaker Olga Goose balances the cute with the off-kilter in a kind of Art Brut manner. This butterfly candle is no exception, with its cheerful face and bright colors. Entirely handmade, …


Útilykt Fragrance


Fischersund is the Icelandic scent brand created by Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi and his siblings. Their scents are inspired by and made from local botanicals so it was only fitting that Icelandic …


Velvet Haze Perfume


One of BYREDO’s most transportive fragrances, Velvet Haze is a rich, musk-led scent that captivates. With notes of ambrette (also known as muskmallow, a medicinal plant), coconut water, patchouli, cacao absolute and …

Better World Fragrance House

Winter Warmth Candle


The limited edition Winter Warmth candle joins the roster of scented offerings from Drake’s home decor passion project, Better World Fragrance House. A comforting and majestic blend of soft musk, balsam, fruit …