Word of Mouth: Little Havana, Miami

A dynamic hub of Latin culture, cuisine and tradition

Little Havana is arguably one of Miami’s most dynamic neighborhoods, yet finds itself often overlooked by out-of-town visitors who tend to default to the beach-centric revelry of South Beach. A longtime enclave for Spanish-speaking transplants from the Caribbean (namely Cuba), as well as other Central and South American countries, Little Havana flourishes as an unapologetically authentic hub of Latin culture, cuisine and tradition. Designated a …

Pinkglow Pink Pineapple

In the era of sharing just about everything on social media it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Pinkglow pineapple, with its sleek graphics and photo-op ready packaging, has arrived. Powered by lycopene, this pink pineapple varietal actually tastes good too, with a less sour and slightly sweeter profile. It’s currently grown only in Costa Rica by Del Monte, and while not likely to be …

2020 Fruit Stickers Calendar

The Fruity One is Fruit Stickers’ 2020 calendar, complete with space for collecting your own. Dually a display of playful design and a record-keeper of your fruit intake, this calendar has a spot for every day of the year—a daily reminder eat something healthy. Plus, once the year ends, you’ll have your own archive of stickers. Price is in Pounds.