Climate-Resistant Breadfruit Could Help Fight Food Insecurity

Many of our most consumed crops (like corn and wheat) will continue to be negatively effected by the climate crisis, leading to food insecurity for many, but scientists believe that the humble breadfruit could be part of the solution. High in fiber and rich with various minerals and vitamins, breadfruit (which is native to the Pacific Islands) is a starchy seedless fruit that is also super-resilient. “Once established, typically after around five years, a breadfruit tree can tolerate drought and extreme heat much better than other staple starchy crops,” writes Shea Swenson of Modern Farmer. It is a fast-growing perennial plant and can live up to 80 years—producing fruit for up to 50 years. The fruit is often prepared in similar ways as potatoes, making it a very real candidate for a staple ingredient moving into the future. Read more at Modern Farmer.

Image courtesy of by xuanhuongho/Shutterstock