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Toyo Steel

Camber Top Tool Box


Made is Osaka, Japan, this minimalist toolbox from Toyo Steel combines modern style with compact design to refine the ubiquitous household necessity. The sleek box, crafted with stainless steel, is the perfect …

Twelve South

AirFly Pro


As Bluetooth earbuds and headphones become more prevalent, many users are now accustomed to frustration when confronted by entertainment systems on airplanes, in gyms or rental cars. Allowing you to connect your …


Specdrums 2 Rings


A drum kit sized to fit your fingertips, Sphero’s Specdrums 2 Rings are designed to detect colors and play an assigned musical note for each. Simply wear it with the screen facing …

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Expectations and Rumors Around CES 2018

As we rapidly approach one of the year’s most exciting technology showcases, CES aka the Consumer Electronics Show, Endgadget author Daniel Cooper has compiled many of the rumors and expectations—from “low-power, super-efficient” …

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Samsung’s Foldable Phones

Just hours before Apple’s big announcements yesterday, Samsung had one of its own. Next year, in 2018, the tech giant plans to release a foldable cellphone. “The Korean electronics conglomerate is aggressively …