Make Beats by Bouncing the Oddball Drum Machine

Funding on Kickstarter now, a product that's part musical toy and part tech device

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Oddball is many clever entities, crammed into a palm-sized sphere. Part toy, part musical instrument and part tech device, this invention is a drum machine that can be bounced to make different sounds. Almost any surface can be used—simply bounce the Oddball (the lighter you bounce, the more delicate the sound) and sensors inside translate noise via Bluetooth to a dedicated app. The result is almost immediate sound capturing channeled to your phone.

For kids and adults alike, Oddball is an unconventional and amusing way to make music—whether you bounce it on the floor, throw, tap, flick, or whack it. The makers even suggest attempting a game of tennis with Oddball. Users can play around with beats—looping them to make original tunes, or even adding them to existing tracks and creating a remix of sorts.

Intuitive, pressure-sensitive and sturdy, Oddball comes with one ball and one charging cable (the device can be powered up via any USB-friendly charger) and customers will also get the app—preloaded will all kinds of effects. A pledge of £49 on their Kickstarter will secure one Oddball, while £299 will deliver a one-of-a-kind custom version.

Images courtesy of Oddball