Vulnerability and Creativity: North Face Designer Ruth Beatty

As a part of The North Face’s #SheMovesMountains campaign, senior designer Ruth Beatty answered questions at Salt Lake City’s Ladies Literary Club—a historic women’s club. The campaign is the brand’s first global initiative focused on women—and, the conversation with Beatty dives deep into gender, creativity, empathy, and fear. Rather than a weakness, Beatty says, “Vulnerability is exciting.” Watch the full video on YouTube.

Late Summer Cookout Essentials

How this season's gear can make al fresco events easier

At the beach, as the sun sets on the horizon, it can seem that the world goes on quietly forever. Those summer nightswhen the sand has cooled down, the coolers are full of beers and cocktail accoutrement, and the grill is a colorful display of seasonal producefeel incredibly fleeting. Of course, summer doesn’t cease to exist when its final day arrivesjust for another 272 days. …

Dinosaur Bones, Calamity and Gear: Exploring the Gobi Desert

An epic Mongolian adventure with Infiniti and The Explorers Club

After the sixth hour of a biblical sandstorm, we’re feeling fairly confident about the $1,800 Hilleberg tent that we’re huddled inside—especially considering the rest of the campsite blew down hours ago. During the desert storm, two members of our expedition were injured and needed to be evacuated: one suffered a concussion, the other a scorpion sting. So while it’s the middle of the night, we’re …