The Debate Between Buying a MacBook or an iPad

Apple’s redesigned M2 MacBook Air is lighter and thinner than ever before but remains packed with power, and features faster processing and an immersive display. The new iteration evolves the Mac line but it leaves many consumers, like CNET editor Scott Stein, still debating between buying a laptop or an iPad. Like the MacBooks, iPads have continued to evolve with the higher-end iterations offering the keyboard and mouse support that laptops have, in addition to unique features like touchscreen, a pencil and optimized apps. In pondering which to get, Stein opts for the new Air as “iPads get too expensive at the top end, turning into laptop-priced devices despite not being entirely laptop-useful for all needs.” He notes that Apple limits iPadOS flexibility, making working and managing personal data on the iPad inefficient. Ultimately, “Macs and iPads are growing closer than ever, but the decision on which one to get remains difficult…” Stein writes for CNET. Read his full mediation there.

Image courtesy of Scott Stein/CNET