Luc Donckerwolke and SangYup Lee: Design Tangents Episode Six

Our conversation with the Chief Creative Officer and the Global Design Head at Genesis

Presented by Genesis

First Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer of Genesis and Hyundai, and then SangYup Lee, Global Design Head at Genesis, were awarded World Car Person of the Year the last two years—an incredible achievement for the award to go to designers, and the same parent company, two years in a row. This wasn’t a surprise to those who have known the two for many years and …

Matthew Dear: Design Tangents Episode Five

The musician, composer, DJ and fine artist on his creative process and making the music for our podcast

We first stepped into the Michigan studio of musician, composer, DJ and fine artist Matthew Dear in 2007 to chronicle his sonic creations for a COOL HUNTING video. Over the years, we’ve continued to track the milestones of this prolific creator, and we easily agreed that Dear would be the ideal subject for episode five of the COOL HUNTING podcast, Design Tangents—especially considering the fact …

Jihan Zencirli: Design Tangents Episode Four

The installation artist on shifting from ephemeral work to a concept that she hopes will last a thousand years

For Jihan Zencirli, sometimes known as Geronimo, curiosity is the key to the future. “As an artist, I want to ask all the questions,” she explains in episode four of the COOL HUNTING podcast, Design Tangents. “What should our lives look like? How can we challenge things that exist just because they’ve existed for many years? Can we move forward by just questioning?” Throughout our …