Announcing “Design Tangents,” COOL HUNTING’s New Podcast

Conversations with designers, artists, musicians, tech pioneers and creative thinkers

We are thrilled to announce that our podcast Design Tangents—hosted by COOL HUNTING founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten—launches today. Design Tangents is produced in partnership with SURROUND, the design-focused podcast network, and the first season is presented by Genesis.

A show that seeks to uncover and discover, Design Tangents features conversations with designers, artists, musicians, tech pioneers and creative thinkers, including Nick Cave and Bob Faust, Jeff Staple, Jihan “Geronimo” Zencirli, Matthew Dear, Luc Donckerwolke and SangYup Lee among others. Our aim for each of these episodes is to deep-dive into inspiration, motivation, process and more.

Over two decades interviewing creators we’ve noticed that anyone who is obsessively creative has interests and curiosities ranging far beyond the work they’re known for. When our interviews start taking twists and turns we discover the really good stuff—what you’re used to reading in our stories. Design Tangents brings listeners along for those moments.

Our first episode is a discussion with data-obsessed information designer, artist and partner at Pentagram, Giorgia Lupi. Lupi provides the perfect kick-off to the season as we get to hear her passion for crafting data into engaging and exciting visualizations and the opportunities for data to enhance creativity as well. She also uses data to track things in her personal life—like dating. Lupi flips the script a couple of times asking the hosts questions and the resulting conversation offers some background about COOL HUNTING that even regular readers might not know.

Episodes of Design Tangents release on Wednesdays. The first three will be available weekly; starting with episode four they’ll be every other week. Subscribe to Design Tangents on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify, so that when each episode comes out it will be ready and waiting in your player of choice.

Design Tangents is produced and edited by SANDOW Design Group. Special thanks to the podcast production team: Rob Schulte, Hannah Viti, Wize Grazette and Samantha Sager, to Amber Lin for creating our show art, and Matthew Dear for creating our music. You can discover more design podcasts from SURROUND at

Images courtesy of Amber Lin