Giorgia Lupi: Design Tangents Episode One

In this podcast episode we talk to the information designer about data humanism, among many other things

Conversations about data can be pretty dry, but not when you’re talking to Giorgia Lupi—an information designer and partner at world-renowned design firm Pentagram. In this episode of Design Tangents we get to hear about her passion for crafting data into humane, engaging and exciting visualizations and the opportunities for data to enhance creativity as well. She also uses data to track things in her personal life. Giorgia flips the script a couple of times asking hosts Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten questions and the resulting conversation offers background about COOL HUNTING.

Lupi creates in a way that makes data more emotional, more human and ultimately more accessible. She describes herself as “a designer whose favorite material to work with is data,” and believes that we should all seek to become data literate in the same way that we learn languages. And yet, we all work with data every day—even without realizing it. If you keep lists, you’re working with data. And Lupi sees it as a way to “analyze the world, a way to see our reality, ourselves, our relationships. It’s almost like a filter that can help us see things around us better,” she says. “I really think designing with data is just another way to design…The storytelling aspect is really what I’m obsessed about.”

From meditation to dating, Frédéric Chopin to AI, books, social media and beyond, our conversation takes various twists and turns with curiosity and inspiration acting as common themes throughout. “We are similar because what we do, in a way, is see patterns,” she says. “We need to take tangents to see more.”

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