Polytope Ashtray

Designed by Andrew O Hughes for design-forward smokeware brand Tetra, the Polytope Ashtray is a functional decorative object, made from rose-citrine dichroic glass that was hand-cast into a rhombus shape. Artful and entrancing, the ashtray shape-shifts through colors as the lighting changes.

Rayleigh Desk Lamp

Hailing from upstate New York, Sean Augustine March is an artist and designer whose work often creates striking optical effects using dichroic glass. His spectacular Rayleigh Desk Lamp is no different. Shining through numerous light refractions, colors and geometric shapes, it’s affixed to a wood base and features a five-watt LED with over 200,000 hours of lifespan. Illuminating and iridescent, the Rayleigh is a mesmerizing …

Devon DeJardin’s “Giants” Exhibit Brings New Perspective to the Insurmountable

Immense and introspective portraits populate the fine artist's first solo show in NYC

Portland, Oregon-born Devon DeJardin started painting after a proposition from an alleged sugar daddy. The man, over Instagram messages, offered to pay DeJardin if he spoke with him over the phone—the artist reluctantly consented. “I know this might sound weird,” the man said to him, “but are you into spirituality?” Approaching the end of his four years of studying theology at university, DeJardin, now very …