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Only Love is Real

A unique line of handcrafted furniture by Matthew and Carly Jo Morgan channeling compassion and connection

Each piece of furniture in Only Love is Real‘s debut collection stirs something from within. Whether it’s the striking juxtaposition of geometric shapes in The Professor Chair, the inverted pyramid-like table holding black rose marble up to the sky, or the illustrated fertility print on upholstery—this isn’t merely design for the sake of design. Each unique piece impresses feelings of awe and human connection.

It’s the first formal collaboration between artists Carly Jo Morgan and her husband Matthew Morgan, who have been wanting to work together on a passion project for years (though they did dabble in making music together). The two first met in New York City while they were working in different creative practices: Carly Jo making jewelry and bronze hardware for her brand Allforthemountain, and Matthew as a fabricator and sculptor. Now, they’re based in Los Angeles, where every piece of the furniture is handmade in their studio. Carly Jo even paints the custom upholstery fabric herself (the upholstery application, though, is the only part that is done out of the studio).

“We realized right away that we had a very similar aesthetic and we were always helping each other with our projects,” Carly Jo tells CH. “We’d been wanting to formally collaborate for years and finally joined forces to create furniture.” Among the jewelry, homewares, prints and even a children’s book that the Morgans offer, it’s their new furniture line really takes their synergetic creativity to another level.

“We are inspired by everything that surround us—architecture, nature, fine art, not-so-fine art, design, fashion, practical solutions, complex solutions, mystical journeys, surrealist romps through our subconscious,” Carly Jo tells CH. “Basically we are inspired by everything but Hollywood and politics.”

“After our daughter was born, we nested in a love cave which became an the incubator for Only Love Is Real,” she continues. “The name references a new age book about people having relationships over many lifetimes. There was one idea in the book that resonated with us, that all conflict and confusion melts away in the presence of the Absolute, of Being, which we experience as love and compassion for one another. We’re not exactly sure what the relationship that furniture or a lifestyle brand has to this idea, but the furniture is the manifestation of our passion to embody this message. Theres no literal connection, but hopefully this gives us a platform to express this universal idea.” This desire for deep connection is a unique motivation that can’t be found in many of today’s design products, and explains why it won us over at first sight.

With custom options available, Only Love is Real furniture can be purchased via inquiry through the Morgans’ website.

Images courtesy of Only Love is Real


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