Special Delivery Tee

Printed on 100% cotton, custom-dyed T-shirts, Ghostly’s new Special Delivery T-shirt features an original design by Detroit-based cartoonist and illustrator Mike Burdick. A wriggly rendition of Ghostly’s beloved logo graces the front, while the back of the shirt includes a swirling delivery truck, spilling records.

quickly, quickly: Everything is Different (To Me)

Portland, Oregon-based quickly, quickly (aka Graham Jonson) wrote, produced and played almost everything on his forthcoming LP, The Long and Short of It, out on Ghostly International this August. The self-reflective, layered and almost meditative track “Everything is Different (To Me)” releases today with an official music video. It follows “Feel,” a refreshed introduction to Jonson’s sonic style and the way he seamlessly weaves together …

4400 Headphones: Ghostly Edition

Made in an edition of 50, record label Ghostly’s collaborative headphones with Kawasaki, Japan-based Phonon emphasize the next-generation audio company’s dynamic, high-quality sound experience. Phonon says that the 4400 model is their most user-friendly—which is foldable and lightweight but powerful. Ghostly’s spooky branding can be found on both ears, too.