Infinite Objects Brings Video Art into the Home

Looping, editioned artworks that elevate the humble GIF

The idea for Infinite Objects is simple: to make video art more collectable and accessible. Born from a collaboration between product development studio Planeta and GIF search engine Giphy, the members of both teams were exploring how GIFs and video art could be enjoyed outside of phones—and indeed outside of galleries. The company just released its first collection of artworks, including pieces by Sebastian Schmieg, …

Tinder Launches Animated Reactions

Announced today, a suite of Tinder Reactions offers ways to respond to messages on the dating app with a little humor. Part of their “Menprovement Initiative,” Tinder is encouraging women to offer immediate feedback to their would-be dates. In a blog post, the team at Tinder says, “We created Tinder Reactions so that our users can give instant feedback—both positive as well as constructive—to those …

8-Bit Animations of Modern Life

Shanghai-based illustrator and animator Ailadi Cortelletti has found a way to turn ancient software into delightful GIFs. Using PETSCII—a character set commonly used in old 8-bit home computers—she transforms the quirks of modern life into mesmerizing, pixelated animations. Ranging from a mom feeding her child to a teppanyaki dinner party, her light-hearted digital creations are shared regularly on her Instagram account.