New GIPHY CAM App for iOS

An easy-to-use maker of quick, animated images

The internet’s obsession with finding and sharing GIFs (regardless of how you pronounce the word) shows no sign of slowing. For a long while now, we’ve been using the PHHHOTO app to create our own and share them within their dedicated social network and just about everywhere else the app allows you to push your creations. Today, however, there’s a new GIF-making alternative and it’s helmed by the team at GIPHY. You’ve most likely visited GIPHY, a hub of viral-worthy GIFs representing much of what the collective consciousness is focusing on. It’s also a place where anyone can sign up and upload their own GIFs. And this just got even easier with the GIPHY CAM.

Filter and special effects options are plentiful, but the best part of this app is ease of use. Upon launch, a view finder offers up a square box for framing and a record button. You can hold the button to capture up to eight seconds, or you can tap it once for a five-second burst-mode. When you’re pleased with what you’ve got, a new screen allows you to text, Tweet, Instagram or email your GIF—or just save it to your camera roll. It’s really that easy, allowing you to spend more time ideating on what you want to capture (be that yourself with the front-facing camera or anything else with the rear camera). Sometimes GIFs speak louder than words, and now there’s another awesome way to be heard (or seen) with ease.

GIPHY CAM is available from the iTunes store for free.

Screenshots taken on GIPHY CAM by Cool Hunting