Blue Crush Flower

The founder of Cleveland-based Pattern Play Glass, Jordan Fine imbues joy and whimsy into her textured, color-forward glasswork. For her Blue Crush Flower, Fine sculpts one-of-a-kind pellucid green stems with blue petals, flecked with a mesmerizing pattern that evokes the marbled sunlight on the ocean floor. No two are alike—and the flowers range from eight to 11 inches in length.

Artist Andrew Erdos’ Glowing Mountain of Poured Glass at The Chimney

One artificial monolith born from hundreds of layers of molten material

“Not for the peak, but for the mountain” (2020) rises 12 feet up and stretches 12 feet across—an artwork both fragile and powerful, of the Earth and not. The sculpture, commissioned by The Chimney, is Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Erdos‘ largest work to date and anchors his second solo exhibition with the gallery. Erdos nods to geothermal energy with the artificial monolith and the transformation of natural …

Benjamin Milstein’s Contemporary Art Bong Pop-up Shop at Chateau Marmont

Grey Space Art's appointment-only display of handblown glass paraphernalia

The definition of art may be somewhat ungraspable, but there’s no denying the artistic value and intent behind Grey Space Art‘s catalogue of luxury bongs and pipes. Founder Benjamin Milstein’s new pop-up art gallery inside LA’s Chateau Marmont attests to this. Here, visitors will find 25 bongs by roughly 30 artists (some pieces were collaboratively made). These items cross the bridge between cannabis paraphernalia and …