Studio Visit: Sticky Glass

Behind the scenes with the playful glassware brand exploring how the material is inherently queer

The Sticky Glass world, brimming with bulbous and colorful glassware, is funky and fun. Helmed by Grace Whiteside, the trans- and queer-led design company applies fascinating shapes and contrasting hues to drinkware, pipes and bongs, decor, flytraps and, soon, a lighting collection that’s debuting in April. But there’s more than whimsy behind these jolly forms; there’s multi-functionality, emotion, acceptance, identity and thoughtfulness. At the heart …

Paul Arnhold Bong

NYC-based glass artist Paul Arnhold has partnered with Edie Parker for another series of swirling and mesmerizing one-of-a-kind bongs. Handmade by the artist, these bongs feature a longer, slimmer neck and kaleidoscopic swaths of color that are each limited to one edition. They make for a whimsical display, even when not in use.

Blue Crush Flower

The founder of Cleveland-based Pattern Play Glass, Jordan Fine imbues joy and whimsy into her textured, color-forward glasswork. For her Blue Crush Flower, Fine sculpts one-of-a-kind pellucid green stems with blue petals, flecked with a mesmerizing pattern that evokes the marbled sunlight on the ocean floor. No two are alike—and the flowers range from eight to 11 inches in length.