Colored Bulbous Wine Glasses

Designed by London-based Jochen Holz, these delightfully colorful and wonky wine glasses make dinner parties feel extra playful. Available in sets of four, they’re free-blown using the incalmo technique (incalmo translates to “graft” in Venetian dialect) which fuses two parts together. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re a little sturdier than regular glass—but their handcrafted nature (and price) means they’re still very precious. Price is in …

The Sexton Ghost Tumbler Set

Created by Maximilian Eicke, founder of glassware brand MAX ID NY, The Sexton Ghost Tumbler set invokes the dark amber color of the Irish whiskey it’s been designed to hold. Further, the vessel’s distinctly angular shape calls to mind the geometries of The Sexton bottle itself. Each glass is handblown, thus no two are exactly the same—and yet they’re stackable and dishwasher safe.

Drave Water Pipette + Carafe

Designed by Sruli Recht and produced in the Czech Republic from lead-free crystal, Norlan Glass’ Drave Carafe is accompanied by a milled, tumbled and anodized aluminum pipette. The set highlights the tradition of adding a few drops of water to one’s dram of whisky, which further opens up the nose and taste profile. Both pieces feature emphasized, future-forward geometric forms.