Denver + Liely’s Perfect Gin Glass

The Melbourne, Australia design duo learned how to perfectly channel all those botanicals

There’s no denying we are in the midst of a global gin renaissance (despite the hilarious claims that gin drinkers are more likely to be psychopaths). With that in mind, Australian design duo Denver + Liely—who previously turned their talents to creating the ideal whisky glass—have revealed their follow-up product, the perfect gin glass. Whereas the whisky glass was meant to hold the spirit neat, the gin glass has been designed to maximize gin cocktails. And Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner spent years researching gin and working with everyone from Australia’s Four Pillars distillery to acclaimed American bartenders in order to deliver an ideal product.

A glance at the glass itself reveals some of how it works. The design funnels upward, with a smaller opening—concentrating, but not stifling, the scents within. The base of the vessel expands enough to hold, though as functional as this is regarding gin cocktails, sipping it neat from here is just as effective. Every glass is hand-blown, a process required to match the specific dimensions. We got hands-on with the gin glass and found product claims to be true. In understanding the physics of scent, Denver + Liely once again deliver something special.

Pre-order the Denver + Liely Gin Glass online for $55 AUD.

Images courtesy of Denver + Liely