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Denver and Liely Whisky Glass

A hand-blown design from Australia worthy of the best sipping spirits

There is an art to the consumption of alcohol and, for centuries, glass-blowers and designers have attempted to create the perfect drinking vessel. Melbourne-based Denver & Liely‘s new whisky glass unites the two most respected forms of bourbon, rye and scotch drinkware: the tumbler and the snifter. More than a beautiful, uncommon piece of design, these glasses genuinely channel the full character of whisky, for novice and expert tasters alike. The wide base allows for the spirit to open up, while the elegantly narrowed top wafts aromas right to the nose.

All of the glasses—which are made in small batches—are hand-blown, and are the products of plenty of research and prototype development by Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner. The Australian design duo believes in making simple, no frills, functional products and the whisky glass is their first product on the market. While we’ve seen some otherworldly whisky glasses out there, like the remarkable Fferrone Design piece constructed to hold The Macallan Rare Cask, Denver & Liely’s creation really maximizes surface area while allowing for a thorough sniff, all the while being ultimately comfortable in the hand.

The Denver & Liely whisky glass is available for purchase online for $50 AUD per glass.

Images by Cool Hunting


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