HOKA ONE ONE’s Research-Backed TENNINE Hiking Boots

Product developer Hy Rosario explains the unique design and intention

HOKA ONE ONE’s hefty new long-distance hiking boots, the TENNINE HIKE GORE-TEX, emphasize comfort and sustainability in a package unlike anything we’ve seen before. An extended heel feature called HUBBLE smooths the heel-to-toe transition, using your bodyweight to help propel forward. The boots (which HOKA has jokingly called “part hovercraft”) do differ from the tame, tapered look of typical hiking shoes, but every decision that …

Arc’teryx Re-Launches Their Iconic Alpha SV Jacket

An iconic alpine garment gets an update thanks to Gore-Tex’s latest innovations

Gore-Tex and Arc’teryx have a history of collaborating together that dates back to the iconic first version of the Alpha SV jacket in 1998. According to the brand’s language “Alpha” indicates that the jacket is lightweight, minimal and built for alpine use, while “SV” means it’s intended to withstand severe weather—and, with its Gore-Tex membrane, the jacket boasts exceptional wind and waterproofing. There have been a number …

Gore-Tex Mountain Jacket

Melding together a famous fly-fishing silhouette and an iconic raincoat colorway, Goldwin’s Gore-Tex Mountain Jacket is a rugged option for the worst weather. The fit is short and wide to allow for optimal movement. It features watertight front and side pockets (which are all uniquely placed and clasped for specific purposes) and velcro cuffs for a more customizable fit.