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A graphic novel about LSD, landing on the moon with an AR app, sea versus space and more from around the web

The Elusive Smile in Art History It’s a common misconception that the reason subjects in portraits of yesteryear didn’t smile is because of unappealing looking teeth. In fact, the reason is quite logical: smiling for hours on end is awkward and straining for models. In an essay on the topic, writer Nicholas Jeeves says, “A smile is like a blush. It is a response, not …

Brian Blomerth’s Graphic Novel Tells the Tale of the First Acid Trip

By Brooklyn-based artist Brian Blomerth, Bicycle Day documents the day LSD was discovered by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann. As the story goes: he ingested the experimental compound and then set off on the first documented trip, which culminated in a peak while he was riding home on his bicycle. Hofmann’s book LSD: My Problem Child, affords only a few paragraphs about the first encounter. As …

Upcoming Graphic Novel About Frida Kahlo

Illustrated by Vanna Vinci, the new graphic novel “Frida Kahlo: The Story Of Her Life” endeavors to illuminate her ups, downs, passions and immense talent. The story is set to be part fact and part fiction, and while the Mexican artist has been the subject of countless films, books, and more, this is the first graphic novel. Take a look at DazedDigital for preview imagery.