High Kite + Journey Tube

The World’s Best Ever’s HIGH Kite and Journey Tube are two items made for outdoor adventuring and spreading positive vibes. Each kite is hand-stitched by Miami-based kite-maker Dan Ward and serves as a bold statement—whether in use or on display. The clever carry case doubles as a fully functioning water pipe and was designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based studio The Principals.

Shuh Lee’s Kaleidoscopic World

Dreamy technicolor illustrations and accessories bring arts and crafts into everyday life

Shuh Lee creates with the boldness of Keith Haring mixed with the pure whimsy of a kid’s collage art project. Using unrefined patterns and a prism of bright pastels, Shuh has developed a multidisciplinary style that should overwhelm; instead, her work radiates a certain bliss, with a peculiar yet organic cohesion emerging from the chaos. Shuh is equally experimental with materials, working with everything from …

MYR Studio’s “Rain Series” Accessories

Crafted from Tärnsjö skins, Johanna Landis' handbags are at the forefront of contemporary Swedish leather goods

Most people would rather stay inside on a gloomy gray day; Swedish designer Johanna Landin, on the other hand, found her brilliant idea in the middle of a drizzle. Observing the patterns that rain makes as it falls on concrete, Landin discovered an aesthetic arrangement that would eventually become the driving concept behind her first-ever handbag collection. Using water-based leather dye, Landin hand-stains four different …