MYR Studio’s “Rain Series” Accessories

Crafted from Tärnsjö skins, Johanna Landis' handbags are at the forefront of contemporary Swedish leather goods


Most people would rather stay inside on a gloomy gray day; Swedish designer Johanna Landin, on the other hand, found her brilliant idea in the middle of a drizzle. Observing the patterns that rain makes as it falls on concrete, Landin discovered an aesthetic arrangement that would eventually become the driving concept behind her first-ever handbag collection. Using water-based leather dye, Landin hand-stains four different patterns on vegetable-tanned leather for her Rain Series bags, which each correlate to a different type of precipitation: Drizzle, Drip, Pouring and the seasonally-appropriate Snowrain. The resulting pieces are stylishly simple, modern and exceptionally well-made.


Landin is fairly new to the leather goods scene, initially pursuing the craft as a passion project while working as an architect. “I was also longing to create something with my own hands after hours and hours by the computer working as an architect,” Landin tells CH. Landin recently decided to devote herself full time, however, and launched her independently-owned and operated MYR Studio in October 2014. Like many ideas, MYR was born out of need. “I wanted to learn how to make a shoulder bag myself because I couldn’t find one that I liked that was made in Sweden and out of Swedish organic tanned leather.” So she started working with scrap leather, sewing at home after work. “After a while I decided to take some classes and invest in an old rusty industrial sewing machine,” Landin says, “and I’m still sewing on that machine!”


MYR Studio is still a one-woman operation, with Landin sourcing all of the organic leather from Sweden’s 140-year-old Tärnsjö tannery (who count Brooks Saddles, Gant Rugger, Triwa and other quality brands as customers). She designs and manufactures each bag from her Stockholm workshop. With her growing success, Landin hopes to find someone to help her produce next season’s collection. “However, I will continue to make details like the hand painted patterns,” she stresses. With her blood, sweat and tears in every piece that leaves MYR Studio, Landin guarantees an ethical, attentive approach to leather working with a very unique touch. “It’s important to me that the production is small-scale and nearby,” Landin says.

Though MYR Studio is only in its third month, Landin’s collection is swiftly growing. She plans to introduce new styles soon and is already collaborating with other designers. Being no stranger to new challenges, Landin hopes to expand beyond handbags. “I dream a little about adding shoes to my small collection,” she says. “That would be a real challenge.”

The Rain Series ($370) by MYR Studio is currently available at Need Supply Co.

Images courtesy of MYR Studio