Shuh Lee’s Kaleidoscopic World

Dreamy technicolor illustrations and accessories bring arts and crafts into everyday life


Shuh Lee creates with the boldness of Keith Haring mixed with the pure whimsy of a kid’s collage art project. Using unrefined patterns and a prism of bright pastels, Shuh has developed a multidisciplinary style that should overwhelm; instead, her work radiates a certain bliss, with a peculiar yet organic cohesion emerging from the chaos. Shuh is equally experimental with materials, working with everything from silk to clay. The magic all happens at her Melbourne-based home studio, where she designs and crafts every single one of her pieces by hand.


As one might expect, Shuh can’t help but extend her style to a variety of designs, using her artwork on everything from scarves and pillowcases to jewelry and hanging decor. Her linens are especially dazzling; it’s hard to imagine having a bad night’s sleep while wrapped up in Shuh’s Watawata quilt cover, which seems to have floated out of the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Shuh artwork and objects ($25–$250) are available online. Custom work and wholesale is also available upon request.

Images courtesy of Shuh