T.T. Trunks

Truly luxurious storage boasting creative use of space and integrated gadgetry

The storage trunk is an object that exudes nostalgia; sepia-toned images of extravagant rail travel or a dusty box full of sentimentalities come to mind. T.T. Trunks, however, are crafted to make memories, rather than to store them. Boasting a most creative use of space with specialized drawers and integrated gadgetry, a T.T. Trunk would easily be at home in a parlor fit for James …

Valentine Goods for Apple Products

Using unique skins like ostrich, stingray and cobra, this NYC designer makes iPhone accessories that are a cut above the rest

Awash in a sea of iPhone accessories, Valentine Goods is a step above most. Valentine Goods first caught our eye in May 2012 with a set of premium leather iPhone backs made using an original selection of uncommon skins such as ostrich, stingray and cobra. Now the brand is expanding their attention to cover MacBooks and other Apple products as well, though their focus still …

Abigail Brown Textile Art

Made entirely by hand by UK designer Abigail Brown, this sweet little creature will make a colorful addition to any home. Bird watchers, artists and crafters alike will delight in this small ornament made from a mix of recycled and new materials.