Seed-Bearing Bundle

Available in bundles of 12, 24 or 48, these organic seed-bearing lollipops are made with herbs and edible flowers for a more sophisticated palate. Once the treat has been consumed, the biodegradable stick can be planted in soil and hopefully an heirloom herb or flower will grow. This set contains the brand’s essentials: lavender and lemongrass, sage and marshmallow, rosemary and mint, lemon and thyme, …

Terrazzo Plantable Candle

Aiming to produce a zero-waste candle, Austin-based Esker created this multi-purpose iteration. The brand’s Terrazzo Plantable Candle includes a seed paper embedded with herb seeds and a soil pod, so once the candle has been burned, the vessel becomes home to a plant. Before that though, the hand-poured soy wax—with notes of woody palo santo, rose and cedar—promises 65 to 75 hours of burn time.

Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Winter Garden

Presents for plant parents and lovers of all things lush

Even (or especially) in the chilling depths of winter, plants offer a reminder of growth and life, nature and harmony. In turn, gifting something garden-related can act as inspiration. Whether you’re buying for somebody with acres of backyard or a tiny apartment jungle, cacti-killers or perfect plant parents, there are lots of practical and aesthetically pleasing options in our Winter Garden gift guide. From vases …