Kagerou Aromatique Incense

One of three recent aromatic incense releases from Aesop, the earthly Kagerou scent pairs vetiver with herbaceous igusa and sweet notes of sandalwood. It’s a lush, meditative fragrance that softly unspools from the ember. Each set includes 33 sticks and one Kanuma pumice incense holder.

Everybody Tissue Box

This colorful, playful plywood tissue box helps bring a bit of joy to those runny nose or tear-wiping moments—brightening the mood of your bathroom, therapist’s coffee table or bedside. Designed by Dusen Dusen for Areaware, it fits over any standard sized cube-style box of tissues.

The Lap Desk

Arlo Skye’s The Lap Desk is the ideal portable workspace. Fitted with a built-in storage tray, integrated phone and tablet dock and a micro-bead cushion set against premium white oak, this versatile lap desk is designed for seamless multitasking and comfort. Whether taking a meeting from the couch, using the desk to prop up a laptop at the perfect elevation for streaming or having breakfast …