Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A dragon-like dinosaur, an illustrated celebration of cities, an Iron Age discovery and more

First-Ever Light Detected Behind a Black Hole Most space enthusiasts are aware that nothing can escape the tremendous gravitational pull of a black hole but, for the first time ever, scientists have detected light coming from behind a black hole located 800 million light-years from Earth. While flares of light around a black hole aren’t uncommon, astrophysicist Dan Wilkins and his colleagues had been observing …

Illustrator Carlo Stanga’s Vibrant Visual Essays with Moleskine

Italian illustrator Carlo Stanga has partnered with Moleskine on three storybooks (and a limited edition notebook series), each of which is dedicated to either NYC, London or Milan. Within this “I Am The City” series, Stanga brings these international capital cities to life through compelling artistic takes on their landmarks and inhabitants in his vibrant signature style. “Cities are similar to people in that they …

2021 Calendar

London-based artist Olivia M Healy’s bold and colorful art adorns the pages of this calendar, printed on Demimattt 170gsm paper. Exploring themes of mindfulness, sexuality, gender identity, a little mysticism and more, the illustrations within this calendar (which measures 21 by 42cm) will inspire a bit of magic in your 2021. Price is in Pounds.