Nothing Left but Healing

A 71-person group book celebrating Pomegranate Press—a Richmond, Virginia-based independent publishing house for contemporary photography, writing and more—Nothing Left but Healing features a plethora of different pieces across its 150 pages. Within the smyth-sewn book are alluring portraits, microphotography, landscapes and more enchanting works.

Collecting Words

A photo book of very short visual stories told by graffiti, signs and other text found outside

There’s something about text found outside of screens and pages, in the “wild,” that grabs our attention. It’s the way they make a declaration in the public realm, trying to join our personal conversations. For the past five years—starting around the time that Instagram launched—Boulder-based art director Brian Fouhy has been “collecting words,” whether it’s graffiti or signage for Pittsburgh’s “#1 Exotic Club” Blush. “Back …

Ideas On Paper

The Nottingham magazine shop shares its six favorite reads

by Ian Sanders Alex Smith started his career working for big London retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, yet his ambition was always to open his own shop. In March 2014, he did just that. It feels a world away from London’s fashionable department stores: his shop, Ideas on Paper, resides upstairs in a cluster of old buildings that make up Cobden Chambers in …