Etherwave Theremin

Moog Music recently updated their Theremin while paying homage to Bob Moog’s iconic 1996 design. Featuring improved portability and bass response, the Etherwave Theremin provides an accurate five-pitch octave range, an adjustable antennae to adapt to any environment and direct connection to (and control of) other modular, semi-modular and Eurorack synthesizer systems via CV inputs. Retro yet refined, the Etherwave is a modern upgrade for …

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Musicality

For singers, dancers, composers, listeners and lovers of music

Music inspires, energizes and moves us. It binds moments and memories. It soothes, excites and supports—and it’s a fundamental for many, including us at COOL HUNTING. Whether it’s sharing songs, making playlists, digging for records, testing headphones and speakers, playing instruments or reading about a favorite band, there are no limits to the pleasure of being in love with music. Inside our Musicality gift guide, …

Werkstatt-01 Synth

This patchable analog synthesizer kit from Moog is the legendary audio brand’s most affordable synth, and an ideal option for those just beginning to experiment. Easy to assemble, the device also comes with a CV Expander, which makes the synth compatible with CV-equipped analog gear. It’s also a great and flexible tool for more advanced enthusiasts who value simplicity and customization.