Wood Stool

From Avocado Green Mattress, this classic timber stool is full of whimsical curves—but it’s more than a playful side table, it’s also a testament to sustainable luxury. Crafted exclusively from upcycled and durable beechwood at their factory in Los Angeles, the stool stems from the brand’s Zero Waste collection and is finished with non-toxic materials and eco-friendly wood stains.

Studio Luca Guadagnino’s Exquisite “Accanto al fuoco/By the fire” Installation for Milan Design Week 2022

Two textured living rooms converge for the acclaimed Italian filmmaker and interior designer's exhibition

Amidst the palatial spectacles and technicolor surprises of this year’s Milan Design Week, Studio Luca Guadagnino (SLG) quietly enchanted all who entered their exhibition Accanto al fuoco/By the fire. Founded by interior architect and beloved filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, SLG presented this design week debut in the gallery space of the design firm Spazia RT, across  two interwoven living rooms. Within, mesmerizing geometries formed from in-house developed wood paneling …

The Style-Defying, Community-Centered Ethos of NYC Showroom Love House

The eccentric vision putting a fresh take on contemporary design

On the second floor of an unassuming building in New York City’s Greenwich Village, the sun-drenched, open-concept showroom Love House presents an array of seemingly mismatched contemporary designs. Marrying muted tones, tiled tête-à-têtes, handblown lightbulbs, elegant bouclé sofas and cubed chairs of perforated steel and more, Love House boasts an aesthetic that’s neither aggressive nor wacky; instead, the room is cohesive and elicits a sense …