Listen Up

Country-inflected pop, chopped-up Beyonce samples, carnivalesque chaos and more music from this week

King Princess: Ohio After performing “Ohio” live with consistency since her first tour, King Princess (aka Mikaela Straus) finally releases an official recording and music video for the fan-favorite track. Both the song and visuals begin with quiet intimacy, and the latter introduces Straus wearing her theatrical Cheap Queen look. As with the song, the video soon explodes into an anthemic garage-rock performance, cut from …

Exhibition feat. Julian Casablancas: No One There

New York-based director Charles Billot and art director Piera Wolf have united to dress an ’80s-saturated grit and glamour atop “No One There,” a single from Hammarsing Kharhmar’s band Exhibition. Julian Casablancas lends his signature vocal stylings to the track, which—video included—feels like a fuzzy, melodic and neon-lit trip.


Róisín Murphy remixed, Animal Collective sings of Florida, Julian Casablancas' punk duet with Jehnny Beth and more in this week's music

Jehnny Beth + Julian Casablancas: Boy/Girl Julian Casablancas and Jehnny Beth of Savages rock out in their cover of an ’80s punk track from Danish band Sort Sol and American singer Lydia Lunch, “Boy/Girl.” It’s a fierce duet that’s rough around the edges, especially with Jehnny Beth’s half-howl, half-singing voice. Even the new music video is a nod to the original—the opening sequence, some body …