IRIS: A Space Opera VHS Collectors Set

Justice’s IRIS: A Space Opera is a filmic transformation of their adored live performances of Woman Worldwide. This unique performance series was conceptualized explicitly for cinema, using special access, angles, and effects for a more expansive experience. While it was originally shown to a limited number of audiences in select cities, the cinematic release now hits DVD, streaming, and, in this set, VHS. It comes complete with a …

Justice: Stop

With a sound and look that is quintessentially Justice, the French electro outfit just released the official video for “Stop.” Retro-inspired, neon animation by Mrzyk + Moriceau accompanies the song, which balances heavy synths with choral elevation. The duo is set for a summer tour in Europe, and will visit the US this fall.

The Bail Project

Presented at TED, Robin Steinberg's bold plan is based on equality and the simple but essential importance of freedom

In a moving and ultimately educational talk, Robin Steinberg (public defender and CEO of The Bail Project) outlined her bold, ambitious and wildly important plan to combat the unjust mass imprisonment of low-income and at-risk Americans. The Bail Project (part of TED’s new Audacious Project) is based on Steinberg’s Bronx Freedom Fund, which essentially offers bail money to those who need it most. Speaking passionately …