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UN Climate Summit to Discuss Climate Reparations for the First Time

A long overdue motion, the UN Climate Summit will discuss climate reparations for the first time ever. This comes after decades of wealthy nations barring the topic from the agenda. Over the next two weeks, negotiators will address how high-income and predominately white nations—including the US and much of Western Europe—are the most responsible for climate change but face a minority of its consequence. Despite this injustice, countries being impacted—like India, Pakistan and Nigeria—are provided little to no financial help. The summit’s agenda seeks to rectify this, noting that decisions on which countries will contribute money must be made by the deadline of 2024. While the extent of the reparations still remains to be seen, the discussions are an overdue milestone toward climate justice. Learn more at Scientific American.

Image courtesy of Hussain Ali/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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