CW&T’s Key Wrangler

A carefully considered organizational device by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy

The best design objects counter everyday problems with considered minimalism. Most of us know the key ring cluster sensation in our pocket or jangling in our bag, which, when pulled out, leads to fumbling. There are other types of key people, of course—carabiner folks, and the key bar person. With the Key Wrangler, on Kickstarter now, artist and design duo CW&T incorporate the best of …

Everyman Porter Key Knife

A sleek, unobtrusive blade plus bottle-opener that weighs under an ounce

While we appreciate a good crafted knife here at CH, those beauties are often reserved for wilderness adventures—and stay tucked in their leather sheaths most weeks. But even for desk-locked souls, a blade is necessary for routine tasks like opening packages and letters. Andrew Capener and Asher Seevinck (who also sings in the band Loud Harp) have started the brand Everyman, designing products “to solve …

Power Reserve

Upgrading the monotonous (and for some smartphone addicts, extremely nerve-racking) act of phone charging is the new collaboration between Supreme and portable battery experts Mophie—and there’s a ring on it. Like any of Supreme’s streetwear apparel and accessories, this sleek power reserve will be tough to get ahold of, but it’s a must-have in a working traveler’s arsenal.