Everyman Porter Key Knife

A sleek, unobtrusive blade plus bottle-opener that weighs under an ounce


While we appreciate a good crafted knife here at CH, those beauties are often reserved for wilderness adventures—and stay tucked in their leather sheaths most weeks. But even for desk-locked souls, a blade is necessary for routine tasks like opening packages and letters. Andrew Capener and Asher Seevinck (who also sings in the band Loud Harp) have started the brand Everyman, designing products “to solve everyday problems,” no matter how unsexy they might be. Their first product is the Porter Key Knife, an unobtrusive, sleek knife and bottle-opener multi-tool that easily slips on to your current keyring, and doesn’t add bulk nor weight, as it’s less than an ounce. Capener and Seevinck have designed it to, in fact, look as close to a key as possible.


Secure a discounted Porter Key Knife by donating to Everyman’s just-launched Kickstarter campaign. There’s a quick turnaround time: expected shipping is next month, July 2015.

Images courtesy of Everyman