Kanye West: Ghost Town

Whether you love him, hate him, think he’s a maniac or a traitor, there’s no denying Kanye West’s talents as a record producer—and he’s proven it again with today’s release of Ye, his eighth studio album. Touching on topics from his mental health to Stormy Daniels and everything between, it’s a record of lyrics that will polarize, but with beats of undeniable power. Our pick …

Kid Cudi: The Rage

With a chorus drawn from the Smashing Pumpkins’ classic “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” Kid Cudi’s “The Rage” makes for a genre-smashing, mash-up-like banger. All things considered, the sum is greater than the parts. Once again the rapper delivers lyrics worth poring over on a rich, warm track.


Kid Cudi's new record, darkness and romance from Shy Girls, and making out at the gay club with NVDES

Shy Girls: Why I Love From the new Shy Girls (aka Dan Vidmar) album comes the track “Why I Love”—a minimal, dark tune that’s balanced out with Vimar’s tender vocals. This album version is very different than the acoustic version he performed at downtown LA’s The Gift Shop. Both are heady and delicate. That said, both include plenty of pathos (with vocals like “I need …