Kid Cudi's new record, darkness and romance from Shy Girls, and making out at the gay club with NVDES

Shy Girls: Why I Love

From the new Shy Girls (aka Dan Vidmar) album comes the track “Why I Love”—a minimal, dark tune that’s balanced out with Vimar’s tender vocals. This album version is very different than the acoustic version he performed at downtown LA’s The Gift Shop. Both are heady and delicate. That said, both include plenty of pathos (with vocals like “I need an illusion just so I can sleep”) and vulnerability. Shy Girls is embarking on a US tour early next year.

Kid Cudi: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’

After being delayed earlier this year, Kid Cudi (aka Scott Mescudi) has just released his new album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ and it’s potentially his best yet. The 19-track record is available to stream online now, and features appearances from an impressive line-up of talent—from Andre 3000 to Willow (Smith) and Pharrell Williams. From the dark “Frequency” to the funky, horn-heavy “Surfin'” to the sultry and minimal “Dance 4 Eternity” the entire record is moody, soulful and spirited. Considering his rough year, Cudi has undoubtedly slain some demons and come out on top.

Sondre Lerche: I’m Always Watching You Too

With a dreamlike soundscape and curiously voyeuristic overtones, “I’m Always Watching You Too” by Brooklyn-based Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist Sondre Lerche makes for something special. Inspiration for the song came by way of a dream Lerche had the night before recording the original version of the song, known as “I’m Always Watching You.” Here, the musician ditches the upbeat ’80s synths for something for more ethereal—and eerie in the best way. Lerche will be touring Europe and North America in the spring of 2017.

NVDES: I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club

A little bit psychedelic, a little bit dirty, “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” by Southern California’s NVDES makes for a dance-worthy electronic number fit for absolutely any club. With a thumping beat and electronic flourishes, the song offers up an ample dose of carefree fun. Hailing from NVDES’ four-track Life with Lobsters EP (released this past November on B3SCI Records), the track’s a telling indicator of the band’s no-holds-barred, playful songwriting.

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