Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Kids + Pets

From books to beds, jackets, games, toys and more, present ideas for the ones that rely on you most

Of course, we recognize the substantial differences between children and pets, but there’s something undeniably wondrous about products developed with children, canines, felines and more in mind. Whimsy and imagination often teach or train. Function exists alongside beauty. Toys, tools, articles of entertainment and instruments of creation all represent a part of the design world defined by access. Whether you’re shopping for a kid, a …

Mushroom Rain

Laura K Zimmermann’s magical children’s book Mushroom Rain glows with dazzling fungi illustrations by Jamie Green. The fascinating, informative work includes insight on the mysterious power of mushrooms, from helping to create rain to smelling like bubblegum. With lyrical descriptions as well as additional facts and activities in the back matter, the book is an enchanting and educational tour of ecology.

Star Child: Special Edition by Claire A Nivola

Featured in writer-director Mike Mills’ endearing cinematic masterpiece C’mon C’mon, the out-of-print children’s book Star Child returns to shelves thanks to independent media organization A24 (who also distributed the film). Written and illustrated by Claire A Nivola, the moving, masterful tale about a star who moves to Earth to experience life as a boy comes with imaginative full-color artwork. This foil-stamped, die-cut slipcase edition can …