Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Restoring King Tut's tomb, turning waste into new materials, previewing Frieze LA and more from around the internet

Tracey Emin on Her Deeply Personal Work Once stricken by poverty, abandonment and other traumas, acclaimed artist Tracey Emin turned to art as a lifeline and an expression of herself. In doing so, she also broadened common conceptions of art—what it is, what it can be, and who can make it. “I feel physically ill if I don’t make work, I don’t create,” she explains …

King Tut’s Tomb Restored

From cleaning dust and mold to establishing protections against tourist trampling, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the Getty Conservation Institute have completed a 10-year restoration of King Tut’s tomb. Attracting as many as 4,000 visitors per day (even while the restoration was underway), the tomb is one of Egypt’s most popular and significant monuments. Read more about the efforts at

Beech Hall: Inspired by Egypt

The new artist collective creates homeware, jewelry and even original paintings, tied together by a single theme

Two’s a company, and three’s an art collective for the newly formed Beech Hall. Former art school dormmates Danielle Kroll (illustrator and textile designer), Bev Beaulieu (jewelry and 3D CAD designer) and Wade Keller (art director and product designer) combine their honed strengths and talents in a unique way. Together, they’ve taken up the creative challenge of designing a contemporary collection of homeware, jewelry, ceramics …